Kuronuma Aina
Name Kuronuma Aina
Japanese 黒沼 あいな
Gender Female
Class 1-2
Other Information
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese voice Yui Horie


Aina is a beautiful young woman with light brown medium length hair tied up into pigtails. Her eyes was shown to be in a reddish-brown shade, but depending on the lighting, it can also be shown as either a very deep yellow, or gold. She wears the designated uniform for the girls but (most likely) hiked her skirt up a little bit. She also wears white socks and white indoor shoes to match.

Personality Edit

During the earliest scenes that Aina had, she was shown to be cute, but soon revealed to have been seducing boys to her satisfaction. She even was seen doing this to Sakamoto, although he didn't fall for any of her tricks. After that episode where she became friends with Yagi and Tanaka, she was albeit a little nicer than before.

Background Edit

A female student in Sakamoto's class who falls for him. She is very popular with men but has no interest for anyone else, which makes her disliked by the girls. She charms others to do her bidding by making them fall in love with her through 'love lessons'.


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