Name Kana-chan
Japanese カナ
Birthday September 18
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 160 cm
Weight 44 kg
Hair Brown
Class 1-2
Other Information
Japanese voice Yukari Tamura
English voice Danielle Judovits


Kana wears the original girls' school uniform and doesn't seem to have made any kind of adjustments to it. (e.g Hiking her skirt up, folding her sleeves etc.) She wears white indoor shoes and black socks to match. Her long chestnut hair is usually in pigtails that is tied quite low. She has wide hazel brown eyes and a heart-shaped face.


Since Kana didn't get much screentime, not much was told about her. But from what was shown, she's a very organized person and may sometimes come off as strict. During the school festival episodes, when Morita and Yasuda called her an old hag, she seemed to get real angry at the two, and this pretty much hints that she is not fond of any name calling or insults directed at her.


One of Sakamoto's classmates, and just like any other girl in class 1-2, she seems to be head over heels for the man. She doesn't stand out much and is one of the calm and collected girls in the series.